Mail Server Errors Explained

Task – Sending reported error (0×80042109) : Outlook cannot connect to your outgoing (SMTP) e-mail server.
Check your outgoing server name, the port number and SSL setting, and the authentication setting. Open the Account Settings dialog, double click on the affected email account. Is the server name correct? Click the More Settings button. Check the authentication settings on the Outgoing server tab, and the port number and SSL settings on the Advanced tab.

Error 0x800CCC0F when sending or receiving email.
Usually caused by Antivirus software scanning email, but antispam scanners may cause Outlook to return this error as well. Disable the email scanning or increase the timeout setting. Also, make sure your firewall is allowing the scanner software to connect to the Internet.

Error 0x800CCC7D when sending email
This error code means you have SSL enabled and your mail server doesn’t support SSL. Disable SSL in Tools, Email Accounts, double click on the account, More Settings, Advanced tab. The error message may say that it’s a Secure Sockets Layer error.

Error 0x800CCC78 when sending
Verify the address you have entered in the From field is correct. Make sure there are no leading or ending spaces or other simple to overlook typos in your address. Verify sending authentication is correct in the Outgoing server tab of the More Settings dialog.

Error 0×80040119 when sending
“0×80040119″ and “Unknown error” error messages when you try to read, send, receive, or delete e-mail in Outlook (814441) Disable the application accessing Outlook’s data and restart Outlook. You may need to reboot the computer before Outlook will send.

Error 0×80042108 when receiving messages.
There are a couple of causes for this error. You may have SSL enabled and don’t need it or you are running Norton Personal Firewall 2002 or Norton Internet Security software.

Error 0x8004010F when attempting to send and receive
This error is either the result of a corrupt delivery folder setting (POP3, message says Outlook data file cannot be accessed) or a missing or corrupt offline address book (Exchange server mailbox).

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