How to add an autoresponder?

Auto Responders allow you to send an automatic response to anyone who sends an email to your account. This feature is useful for providing generic information eg informing customers that you are on vacation, or providing useful information when a customer submits a question or order.

To add an auto responder through your cPanel,

  1. Go to Mail and click on autoresponder -> add autoresponder.
  2. Fill in the required details as follows:
  • E-mail - Enter the username of the email address you are using to create an auto-responder. Then select the domain for the associated email address from the drop down menu.
  • From - Enter the "From" email address in the "From" text box.
  • Subject - Enter the subject of the auto-responder in the "Subject" text box.
  • Character Set - Select the character set you want to use from the "Character Set" drop down menu. If you are not sure about this, leave it as is.
  • HTML Message - If you want the auto-responder to be sent as HTML, click on the "HTML Message" check box.
  • Body - Enter the text/html of your auto-responder in the "Body" text box.

Click on the create/modify button

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