How to configure Outlook on Gmail

-          Login to Gmail.

-          On top right corner select settings.

-          On the tabs select ‘Accounts’.

-          On Check mail from other accounts (using POP3): click on ‘Add a POP3 mail account you own’.

-          In the new window enter your address i.e.  . Click Next.

-          Enter Username and Password i.e.  and correct Password.

-          On POP Server: enter i.e. leave port 110.

-          Tick on Leave a copy of retrieved message on the server.

-          Tick on Label incoming messages: and then select the account. i.e. by selecting your address or by going to the drop down, selecting ‘New Label’ and adding a name i.e. Office Mail.

-          Click on ‘Add Account’ and then on ‘Yes’. After that Click ‘Next’.

-          Enter name i.e. Rob Collins.

-          Select Send through or Domain SMTP Server.

-          SMTP Server is and port 25.

-          Username and password (Your Correct Password).

-          Leave secure connection TLS ticked and ‘Add Account’.

-          You will be sent a verification code so check and enter the code in the ‘Verify’ field in your Gmail and after click Ok/Yes to finish set up.

-          You can also use a signature by going to settings, then on the general tab scroll down to “Signature” and enter your signature. Save changes.

-          When sending, select the account from which you would wish to send from, from the dropdown arrow on “FROM”. Edit your message and then send.


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