How can i make payments?

Payments can be made through Mpesa, Airtel Money, Cash, Cheque, Bank deposit, Credit card or PayPal.

Payments using PayPal or Credit Card is a very easy and fast way to trasfer your fund's online. You can set up your account on PayPal in less than 5 minutes. You can also use your credit card or debit card to make payment without having a PayPal account.

Our paypal id is

Payments using Mpesa Paybill

Payments can be made through your mobile phone using Mpesa paybill. Our details are as follows:

Mpesa Paybill Number: 216522
Account Number: Invoice Number

Payments using Mpesa /Airtel Money / Cash /Cheque

Payments can be made through your mobile phone using either Mpesa or Airtel Money. Our details are as follows:

Mpesa: 0722 216522

Airtel Money: 0732 216522

Remember to include the withdrawal fee in addition to your amount

Cash and Cheque payments should be dropped at our offices in Agip House, 1st flr Wing B room 109. Make out your cheque in favor of 'Peak and Dale Solutions Ltd'.


Payments using Bank deposit or Direct debit

All bank payments are to be made to:

Bank Name: Equity Bank
Payee Name: Peak and Dale Solutions Ltd
Account Number: 0240294336890
Branch: Harambee branch

Provide some narrative on the pay slip such as "payment for domain name together with your username, and then scan the pay slip and email it to us or drop it at our offices at Agip House Wing B, 1st flr.

Direct debits are credited to our bank account on a monthly basis directly from your account.


All payment will be credited to your account as soon as we receive it.

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